Below are the workshops that will be offered at SingCon 2019. Once you have submitted your registration you may fill out the form to sign up for your workshops. Please do not submit your workshop selections until you have registered for the conference.

Stream 1: Divine Liturgy

Description: Learn how to use the “Divine Liturgy: An Anthology for Worship,” aka “the Anthology,” aka “the Pew Book,” etc. to sing and lead the Divine Liturgy in your parish from two of the main editors of this important English-language liturgical resource. BYOA (“Bring Your Own Anthology”) or buy one at SingCon 2019.

Instructors: Fr. Peter Galadza, Cantor Joseph Roll, and Brian Butcher

Session 1: Introducing “the Anthology”: Everything you wanted to know about the Divine Liturgy: An Anthology for Worship but were afraid to ask

Session 2: Divine Liturgy Liturgical Tips for Cantors 

Session 3: Supplemental Music, Part 1

Session 4: Supplemental Music, Part 2

Stream 2: Vespers

Description: An introduction to Vespers, how to introduce a simple Vespers into your parish, learning to lead Vespers, introduction to the Samohlasen tones.

Instructors: Cyril Kennedy and Larisa Galadza

Session 1: Introducing Vespers; resources (print and online); the structure of Vespers (ordinary); Tones 1 and 2 Samohlasen

Session 2: Vespers without a priest; finding the simplest options; the structure of Vespers (propers); Tones 3 and 4 Samohlasen

Session 3: Psalm 103 in Greek Chant; music for other elements of the ordinary; the Litia; Tones 5 and 6 Samohlasen

Session 4: Expanding repertoire; Sunday Evening Vespers during Lent; Vesperal Liturgies; Presanctified Liturgy; Tones 7 and 8 Samohlasen

Stream 3: Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

Description: Learn how to sing all the important services in the life of a Christian, from birth to death: baptisms, weddings, and funerals. Or, as Fr. Roman calls them, “hatch, match, and dispatch.” All materials will be provided by the instructor.

Instructor: Fr. Roman Galadza

Session 1: Baptisms

Session 2: Weddings

Session 3: Order of Burial, Part 1: Parastas

Session 4: Order of Burial, Part 2: Requiem Divine LIturgy and Review 

Session 4: Advanced Oktoechos

Instructors: Ilya Galadza and Roman Hurko

Session 1: Sources of Galician Chant “Show and Tell”

Brief overview of Galician chant as related to other Slavic chant systems. Introduction to the  Irmologion, Kiprian, Polotniuk, Dolnytsky, Ostheim-Dzerowycz.

Session 2: The Tones and their families/optional sources for irmoi

Looking closer at the sources of chant and how they are related.  Looking to other sources in an attempt to make irmoi and other content of the irmologion singable.

Session 3: Dogmatica 

Keep the Irmologion alive by learning Theotokia Dogmatica for Great Vespers, the Doxastica of Palm Sunday, and Pentecost (Heavenly King).

Session 4: Harmonizing the Irmologion (feat. Roman Hurko)

Description: Using the Irmologion and other above unison sources, we will explore how they have been harmonized, and how they can be sung in a variety of styles and voices.